Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Companies

technology devices being held high in hands Why IT companies choose us. 

Tech is one of the major growth areas in the professional indemnity and cyber insurance markets. Those businesses involved in the design of software and related industries are now one of the largest sectors of professional indemnity and cyber insurance globally. 

From freelance contractors to global software and technology giants, they all need robust insurance protection as the professional risks faced by companies in software and IT services are constantly growing. 

Recognising the market growth, many professional indemnity insurers now target the software sector and can include cyber insurance, so we have a range of excellent products to suit your needs.

Why you need professional indemnity insurance

The need to keep pace with change has driven all modern day organisations to use increasingly complex technology for their business solutions. Their reliance on these systems and services means bigger problems - and bigger claims against the software providers.

Professional indemnity claims against IT and Software firms range from hundreds to millions of pounds, and professional indemnity insurance is there to provide them with vital protection when things don't go according to plan.

The right choice of policy

Professional indemnity insurance covering software engineering is a complex area and getting it right is important if you want to secure the best premium and more importantly, the correct policy for your type of business. Just because a smart looking policy document might say 'Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT and Software Firms' on its cover, it certainly doesn't mean it's suitable for every type of IT and Software business. Read our guide Why You Need A Insurance Broker.

Free advice from experts

Get some free expert advice. We arrange professional indemnity insurance protection for a wide range of services in the IT and Software engineering sector. These include software designers, cloud services, network security, cyber protection, social media, email and desk-top support services etc etc. It's a long list. 

Read our guide on How to Avoiding IT Contract Disputes.

Our expertise will underpin your professional indemnity insurance cover and strengthen the protection of your business. Our specialist service includes:

  • Competitive premiums
  • 'A' grade insurance companies
  • Tailored cover including cyber insurance
  • Claims management
  • Discounts for new-start firms

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