Meet The Underwriter


Handshake between insurance underwriter and policyholderBuilding relationships between the Insured and Insurer.

A professional indemnity underwriter is not a robot and underwriting a corporate professional indemnity risk is anything but an exact science.

A successful underwriter requires considerable intuition, skill and a broad knowledge of many different disciplines.

That's why for our corporate clients of some complexity or where the size of premium payment warrants, we will often facilitate a meeting between the client and their insurance underwriter.

These meetings are often extremely beneficial for everyone. It gives the underwriter first-hand experience of the risk they are insuring, and it is also an opportunity for the insured to explain far more about their business and how they manage risk.

These meetings can make a real difference in helping to build a good relationship between the Insured and Insurer, as well as helping to minimise the premium paid.