Medical Malpractice Insurance

Stethoscope and medical chart on a desk with an x-ray on a monitorMedical Malpractice Insurance.

Our knowledge of the medical malpractice insurance market will help you to find the right product at a competitive premium.

The modern insurance market provides a fresh, cost effective alternative to the mutually funded Medical Defence Organisations.

Specialist advice is essential to obtain the best the market has to offer and our knowledge enables us to provide alternative solutions to medical professionals and their businesses at competitive rates.

We arrange cover for a range of clients engaged in the medical profession and our insurance facilities can accommodate most requirements including cases where there has been a difficult claim or claims. 

  • Anaesthetists
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • GPs
  • Radiographers
  • Surgeons

Because of the nature of the work, medical professionals are often the target of claims which can be distressing and potentially reputation damaging. Claims may arise as a result of a genuine mistake or because of the inflammatory actions of 'ambulance chasing' litigators. 

Either way, our Insurers and their legal teams provide a formidable claims defence, essential to ensuring the most appropriate outcome.

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