Competitive Quotations


green board with the words Save Money We'll reduce the cost of YOUR professional indemnity insurance...

For those who want compare professional indemnity insurance quotes online, we have a quick and easy online quote system. It's a free tool to use and it can also be used to benchmark your existing premium and cover.

For more complex professions such as those involved in legal, accountancy or construction, we have access to many specialist 'A' rated insurance companies who provide competitive quotes and tailored cover.

As professional indemnity specialists, we know the insurance market. All insurance companies have different appetites and we know which ones to approach for the best quotations.

When you use our broker service, our job is to negotiate your premium with insurers using a combination of technical arguments, auctioning, commercial weight and business relationship. With over 30 years market experience our Insurer contacts are extensive and our access to regional, London and Lloyds insurers gives us wide reaching capabilities.

If you don't use a broker and think you are better off dealing direct with an insurance company, you'll change your mind when you read our guide Why You Need An Insurance Broker.