Warranty Advice

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Collateral warranties 

If you are a business working in the building and construction industry, you will almost certainly have been asked to sign various agreements and warranties at some point to win contracts. This requires a completely different set of skills – the ability to wade through pages of small print written in a language that only lawyers understand. 

Insurance implications 

Special legal contracts and warranties are a way of life for many firms these days, especially within the construction professions. There are often important insurance implications buried within these documents which require careful consideration and specialist advice.

Inclusive service 

Although we are not lawyers and we will not offer legal advice, we can normally advise on the PI insurance obligations imposed and if necessary, involve a specialist lawyer to give a more detailed view and report. Our service is included within our overall remuneration (commission or fixed fee), but the lawyer's fees are charged separately or are sometimes paid for by Insurers. Contact us for more information.