Tailored Cover


a tailors sewing kit on a pin stripe suit and shirtMaking sure the cover fits your business perfectly....

If you are a business with more complex insurance needs, you need the services of an insurance broker if you want correct cover, value for money and peace of mind.

Most professional firms of a certain size will require some tailoring of their professional indemnity policy to ensure the cover fits their business perfectly. This could be anything from a policy endorsement to a full claims handling delegated authority to make settlements up to a pre-agreed level.

Your policy is probably protecting your firm against work carried out since it's date of establishment and any structural changes along the way may still need to be added in by special endorsement or by tailoring.

If you are one of the minority of firms who don't use a broker, you really must read our guide Why You Need An Insurance Broker - you'll be glad you did.

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