Policy Review Service


Devil's in the detail...

According to research, 95% of commercial insurance buyers don't review their policies.

Let us review your current PI policy - it's a free service. Using our unique seven point checking system we can provide a review of your existing professional indemnity policy. We examine seven key coverage points and you may be surprised at what we tell you.

The burden of responsibility 

If the responsibility for your firms professional indemnity insurance rests with you, a good understanding of your policy coverage is vital.

In the commercial world, you are expected to know what's covered under your professional indemnity policy and perhaps more importantly what isn't covered. For example do you know what cover, if any, does your PI policy provide if your systems are hacked and highly sensitive client data get's into the wrong hands?

Broker expertise 

Your broker is your expert and a fundamental part of your support, but ultimately the policyholder is responsible for understanding the scope of their cover and the policy's terms, conditions and exclusions.

For any business to become embroiled in a claim dispute with their insurance company is a situation best avoided. Prevention is much better than cure so please call us now on 0345 251 4000.