Financial Institutions

city of london skyline at duskProfessional Indemnity and Directors' Liability Insurance for Financial Institutions (FI) covers a broad range of investment and capital related risks.

This includes Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Debt Finance, Private Equity, Crowd Funding, Venture Capital, Investment Managers and CfDs.

Financial Institutions and associated businesses in this sector have complex insurance needs. Generally, these businesses don't have high volumes of claims but when they do occur the average payments plus costs vastly exceed those of other professions. So buying the right professional indemnity policy with the right insurance company is important.

Because of the complexity and diversity of the financial sectors there are only a limited number of specialist underwriters who understand the risks in this area. Our access to regional and London insurance markets gives us wide reaching capabilities.

Your choice of broker is important to secure the best premium and coverage that the market can offer and our expertise will lead your safely through this process. Our service for firms in the FI sector includes:

  • Competitive quotations with 'A' rated (very strong) insurance companies
  • Combined Professional Indemnity and Directors and Officers liability policies
  • Unlimited claims management services with no additional charges
  • Cover reviews
  • Risk profiling your firm

All professional indemnity quotation requests are actioned immediately.