Professional Indemnity Insurance Schemes

A flock of sheepStrength in numbers.

If you are an organisation with members who need professional indemnity insurance, then arranging a scheme facility offers many benefits to you and your members. As well as generating income for the membership body, schemes are an excellent membership benefit offering a range of features such as:


  • Discounted premiums
  • Enhanced cover
  • Additional revenue for membership body
  • Commercial strength in the insurance market
  • Valuable information for risk management
Our Expertise

We have a wealth of experience in arranging schemes for organisations representing different professions including Accountants, IT, Solicitors, Surveyors, Linguists and many more. The premium savings through schemes can even cover the cost of membership in some cases.

Referral Fees

If you already have a scheme in place and want to consider what else the PI market can offer, we will be pleased to review your existing arrangements and see if we can improve it. As well an exclusive scheme package for members, our referral / introducer fees are also among the highest available.   

Get In Touch

So if you'd like to discuss the options for your organisation do get in touch on 01934 710144 or email