Risk Presentation


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Understanding how the underwriter thinks.

The professional indemnity underwriter is not a robot and underwriting a corporate professional indemnity risk is never an exact science. It requires intuition, skill and a good knowledge of the specific risks for many different professions.

Today's underwriters may form their view on the quality of a firm from a variety of sources.

The proposal form is the formal presentation of your business to an underwriter, so spelling mistakes, questions not fully answered or illegible handwriting all make a firm appear lacking in attention to detail and ultimately a less attractive risk.

In addition to the proposal form, they may also check the firm's website, look for any press coverage or online reviews, credit score, or visit Companies House all as part of a due diligence process.

You could be the most professional and lowest risk firm around, but if you don't present yourself in the right way to your PI Insurer, your premium might not fully reflect it.

As professional indemnity specialists, we understand how the underwriter thinks and what they are looking for. We work with firms on their risk profile to ensure they pay the best premium for their business, translating our knowledge and expertise into a premium saving.

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