About Us

professionalindemnity.co.uk fractal logoSince 2011 we've been providing expert advice and competitive quotations to thousands of professionals.

We are a niche professional indemnity insurance broker, working with a wide range of clients of all shapes and size. For the more complex professional risks such as legal, accountancy or construction, we provide clients with all of the services of an insurance broker. Or for those who just want to buy a policy and get on with life, we have a quick and easy online quote system

We're based in Somerset and we don't apologise for being here instead of the usual insurance hot spots of London or Bristol. After all, there are no traffic jams and the cider's amazing! But we do apologise for how difficult it is to spell professionalindemnity.co.uk. Yes, we know, but you get used to it.....you really do.

PS Our logo isn't the symbol of a star...but can you guess what it is? Click here for the answer.