How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?

The limit of indemnity (LOI) is the amount of cover or protection provided under the professional indemnity policy.

Calculating the right amount isn't an exact science, but getting is right is very important. Buy too much and you may waste some money, but buy too little and you risk under-insuring which could have disastrous consequences.

Nobody knows your business and the exposure it faces better than you and our general advice would always be to buy as much cover as you can reasonably afford.

Often a client may set the minimum limit of the indemnity they require you to have. Or if you are regulated by your professional association, institution or an affinity group, they will probably give you guidance on the level of cover you should buy.

There are some important key points you need to consider and these are listed in our informative FREE guide on the subject 'What you need to know about the limit of indemnity'.

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