About Us

About us...

Since 2010 we've been providing expert advice and competitive quotations to thousands of professionals.

We work with a wide range of professional clients of all sizes and types. Legal, accountancy, property or construction, we provide all of the facilities of a specialist insurance broker or a quick and easy online quote system, so our clients have the best of both worlds.

Our specialist corporate broker service is underpinned by a working partnership with each client, where we get to know them and their business. Policies are tailored to their specific risks, without any overspend on premium. 

We're based in Somerset and we don't apologise for being here instead of the usual insurance hot spots of London or Bristol. After all, there are no traffic jams and the cider's amazing! But we do apologise for how difficult it is to spell professionalindemnity.co.uk. Yes, we know, but you get used to it.....you really do.

professionalindemnity.co.uk logo PS. Our logo isn't a symbol of a star or a finely engineered machine cog. Can you guess what it is?  Click here for the answer.